David Stanley - Principal Photographer

As an artist, I do things my own unique way and will not sacrifice quality for any reason. I approach every wedding with a creative vision and that is what gets me the images that everyone loves..images that highlight the inherent light and beauty amongst us.

About me - David, DC, The Photographer, and many other names, ha! Most clients describe me as an artist behind the lens and a hard working entrepreneur, and my friends agree, but they might also say I'm the most chill person they know (weird cause I feel like I'm always full throttle). I am passionate about shooting all the wonderful life moments (weddings, high school seniors, etc) because it allows me be involved in people's most intimate and fun time in their lives! Most weekends you will find me shooting a wedding on Saturday and spending time with my Greek family the rest of the time!

If you want to see me work at a wedding then CLICK HERE to see some BTS of DC.

I started this business in 2009 and took my wife (everyone calls her V) away from the corporate world to run our studio! She is who you'll likely talk to for questions, bookings, print orders and everything email. Me, I'm shooting most days watching basketball tournaments somewhere.

We look forward to getting to know you, so click on that contact link and shoot us a message! David Stanley, Principal Photographer of DC Stanley Photography.